Preparing For Launch .... ContentMatch is almost ready

As we prepare for an exciting launch of our bot and app, I need to reconfigure much of our digital infrastructure. Fortunately, I’ve been working on this for the past 4-5 months, and we have only three main areas left to upgrade:

  1. The Discord Server

Our Discord server was built three years ago, and we’re currently using a lot of legacy code and outdated bots. I’ve been postponing certain updates due to my focus on developing our new bot and app.

A significant issue with our Discord server is user verification. Since I’ve been extremely busy with other ContentMatch projects, many of our users have not been verified. However, I have a solution for an automated verification process.

  1. Our Bot Dashboard

The main site for our bot ( is a bit outdated and will be undergoing a major update.

  1. ContentMatch Engagement Bot

After much hard work, our new Discord bot is currently in development. This new bot will offer exciting features to enhance creator engagement:

  • Improved content sharing and engagement tracking
  • Customizable server settings for admins (e.g., engagement requirements, posting limits)
  • Global posting options for increased visibility
  • Enhanced notification system (channel and DM)
  • Forum-style content feed for better organization
  • Collaboration matching for creators (premium feature)
  • User dashboard for managing content, account info, and collaboration settings

Thank you all for your patience. Building a platform and app is quite the challenge, but we’re making great progress!

The new features will revolutionize how creators interact and grow their communities on Discord. We’re excited to bring you these improvements soon!

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