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Hi there! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post it since it’s such a specific thing, but I had a video on TikTok recently go kinda viral which is separate from my normal streaming content (a bird almost got set on fire by the dragon at Diagon Alley). I posted a longer version (the popular one) and a shorter one. I also posted it on my Instagram and YouTube (my brand ones not personal) with my TikTok tagged and put in an obvious place so the video can’t be stolen on those platforms.

I have an email for business inquires which is easily found on my Twitch About Me. I’ve had two people reach out about posting the shorter version to their media outlets with credit being given towards me. However, I’m having a hard time whether to tell if it’s legit or not.

Maybe because I’m extremely new to getting lots of attention in this aspect, but I don’t see the harm in accepting besides giving any money that can be sent (besides my PayPal).

Again, sorry if this wasn’t the place to post! If there is a better place please let me know!

The first screenshot is one I got today and the others are from someone requesting I send an email to them yesterday (gave them my email so they could send it to me first) and then a screenshot of the video they would like to share.

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