[reddit links] 200+ subs in less than two months. Is this average for a new channel? Better? Worse?

My channel is called Forgottten Melodies Records and is an Artificial Intelligence song channel with lots of different genres/artist concepts. I decided to not go the path of “poop and ball jokes” and instead try to make music I actually would want to hear. While I see a lot of the “shock songs” channels getting tens to hundreds of thousands of views I am perfectly ok with growing my audience slower with quality songs. Just curious from the point of view of you other small channel creators if my numbers are average or otherwise. I’m ok with going 10 months before I hit 1000 Subs. Is that a normal amount of time for a lot of you? Who knows… maybe a song will catch a wave or something. My biggest song so far is at 3.2 K.

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