[reddit links] Hey y'all! Welcome aboard!

I wish I had some specific question to ask regarding my channel but I’ve looked and searched and queried and just don’t know how ro get my channel more publicity other than to ask for collaboration with people who have more successful channels. So I’m absolutely open to that if you have suggestions or know how to go about doing that, otherwise I just want to welcome you to my channel!

I’m an old guy who was sonewhat influential in the real world before YouTube existed but I left that world due to all of the hypocrisy in it among the established powers and only returned to living a public life via YouTube when, after half a century, I saw that no one else was doing what I think is necessary.

Here’s my most recent video:

My most successful video:

And my most controversial video:

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy what you see.

Rabbi Moshe

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