[reddit links] I don’t wanna quit, but man I think I might be done

Will keep it short, passionate about music and play Piano. Really enjoy making the videos and making incremental improvements with each one as I learn new stuff and can see the improvements but the growth is so painfully slow compared to the effort that goes in. I know we all have that bias of possibly thinking our vids are better than they are but I like to think that at least my content is skill based and not brain rot or low effort.

To put into perspective, my latest couple vids I’ve been using Final Cut Pro and really put in the time to refine the audio with plugins, made a custom call to action with added effects to make it match the aesthetic on my channel and I’ve gotten 1 new sub, currently sitting at 650 at time of writing.

What sort of rubs salt in is that I got the 4K watch hours about a year ago now, but the subscribers just don’t come and I don’t know why. I’m definitely not an amazing pianist but I don’t think I suck either.

It would just be really cool to hit that milestone and feel like all the thousands of hours of practice and creation has culminated into something, even if I’m making pennies I’d still be satisfied but just doesn’t feel like it’s ever gonna come unfortunately, and I’m struggling to justify the time and effort spent in terms of return.

I also work full time so I’m pushing 60+ hour weeks all together.

I don’t know if anyone wants to have a look and give me pointers or advice, especially other musicians who might have gone through the same thing.

Not meant to be a rant, more of a cathartic expression of frustration :smile: and yea any advice always welcome.

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