[reddit links] I started my channel 14 months ago…

I have experienced both great and depressing moments.

I got a huge subscription wave back in August, and then and almost zero growth in the next five months. I have received comments full of encouragement, and also very rude ones. I enjoyed a lot of happiness making some of my videos, and also days when I felled a terrible burnout. Some days I feel proud of my channel, others I think that my videos aren’t worth enough.

But here we are, with the 4000 hours requirement already accomplished, and just 50 subs left before achieving monetization. I don’t know if it will be worth it, but I’m glad I was able to reach this point.

My advice for anyone running this marathon. Keep improving, and stay constant, even if some of your videos doesn’t reach the numbers you were hoping for. Don’t compare to others, but learn from them.

And also, don’t be over positive, sometimes it’s okay to take a break when things aren’t going well. Try again when you regain your spirit.

Well, I hope to reach that 1000 subs goal in the next month. Wish me luck, fellas.

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