[reddit links] It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

For context, I started posting video game content 7 years ago just for fun and never really saw any interactions, much less growth.

However, ever since I started posting Elden Ring DLC content a few weeks okay I’ve been seeing numbers like never before (despite it not being that impressive, still MUCH better than I’ve seen in the past 7 years)

I started taking YT more seriously when I started streaming on Twitch in the beginning of this year because I’ve seen massive growth and success on Twitch. I hit affiliate in about two weeks and in just 6 months I’m sitting at around 500 followers.

For now it’s mostly long-form VOD content but I’m going to focus on Shorts moving forward, taking my gaming clips from my twitch channel and posting them on YT, as well as trippy edits featuring my vaporwave/electronic music.

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