[reddit links] I've discovered a small tactic

I don’t think I invented it but I’ve discovered it. My taught process for making videos is come up with the idea and start yapping. The idea doesn’t take long and I usually come up with it while making the video before it. But this one came to me while scripting another video. My niche like most is not very broad, so I don’t for example speak about all the sports I speak about 1 like football. Keeping the subject broad will help reach a wider audience, if I talk about a specific game in football like one that happened yesterday, it’s going to attract a smaller audience than a video about for example the history of football.I don’t enjoy football do I won’t click the first title but I would like to know what crossed the mind of the person who created the sport. So don’t get specific with your topic that’s basically my message summed up :slight_smile: Hope this helps. (BTW that video got 20k views in 1 day which is a lot for a channel like mine

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