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Hey everyone, my name is Xacio, And I’m trying to start a new YouTube group for content creators, small content creators, and upcoming content creators. I just want to give you guys a community, and all of us a community, to be in, to improve performance, to support each other, and to give each other ideas to help us reach our max potential. Of course, there’s no hidden strings, there’s no secret fees or anything like that. It’s just a pure plan to make sure everyone gets where they need to go, and they have help doing so.So if you’re interested, please hit me up. I do have a limit for how many I want in the team, as I want to start small. Of course, if we get more manageable and more successful, we can grow. But right now, I’m only looking for 10 people.

So if you’re interested and you are hardworking and persistent, let me know.There are rules, and I’ll start off by saying the most important rule: you have to be persistent and consistent. Even if you weren’t in a small content creator group, if you wanted to go anywhere, those are the two things you would need anyways. So I would be expecting that from you. You would need to be consistent and persistent, and we can talk about how your plan will go once you hit me up and we talk about it.

So if you are interested, please DM me, and I will be reading all of your DMs as soon as possible!

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